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Organisation is ever changing. Whether it’s their diverse style of working or their information needs, which makes it challenging to develop a computer based Management Information System (MIS). An important key to a successful MIS is the effective management of an organisation’s data resources. MIS provide information and decision-making support to managers, making them more effective.

The programs will help applicants understand the information and the tasks needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. After earning the title of MIS Executive, Students will understand handling and analyse large volumes of data from several sources. They will also grasp a fast and effective way of corresponding required, for making business decisions and planning strategies.


  • Project-based learning helps the student apply his knowledge into projects that simulate real-world situations.
  • Objective-driven sessions constantly keep the student and his mentor focused on the immediate task at hand while constantly ascending a well-defined spiral of learning.
  • A telescopic laying out of the three Terms in each Career Series Program provide a clear line of sight and a pursuit of a destination that clearly differentiates from the competition.
  • Guided Practice offers every student an opportunity to polish his learning at a pace that is comfortable for him. In a stress-free environment, Guided Practice enables the learner to also go beyond the classroom inputs and build more practice hours under his belt – something that his potential employers will find valuable and different.
Entering Profile:
  • Basic knowledge of computers.
  • User-level experience with any computer system, including the use of mouse. .
Certificate Title

Certificate Program in MIS

Exit Profile
  • Identify applications areas of IT, effectively use computers,and solve their day-to-day tasks by using MS Office.
  • Summarize, analyse, report, and share business data.
  • Query and manage databases using SQL Server.

Course Content

  • Working Smart with Microsoft Office & the internet
  • Advanced Excels Tools and Techniques for Analysing Data
  • RDBMS Essentials & T-SQL Programming
  • Professional Skills – I
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Learn More

  • Working Smart with Microsoft Office
  • Working Smart with the Internet
  • Advanced Excels Tools and Techniques for Analysing Data
  • RDBMS Essentials & T-SQL Programming
  • Professional Skills – I
  • Summarize, analyse, report and share business data.
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