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The Career Series programs are meant for Graduates and Undergraduates and are available in multiple streams to suit the Career needs of the learners. While the programs are indeed far superior to anything that is out there in the market, their titles themselves indicate a clear purpose. The objective of this program is to familiarize student with knowledge and skills required for becoming a competent and employable Data Analytics Professional.

Content Structure

Semester description:
Semester Description
SEMESTER 1 Certificate in Data Analytics
SEMESTER 2 Diploma in Data scientist
SEMESTER 3 Professional Diploma in Data Analytics
Sem-1: (Certificate in Data Analytics 4 Months)
Data Analysis in Excel
Statistics for Analytics
Programming in R
Introduction to Machine Learning

Certificate Title:
Certificate in Data Analytics

Job Opportunities:
Data Analyst

Sem-2: (Diploma in Data scientist 4 Months)
Data Preparation In R
Data visualization - R
Advanced R programming
Supervised learning
Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
Unsupervised learning
Ensemble Modelling

Certificate Title:
Diploma in Data scientist

Job Opportunities:
Research Associate \ Business Analyst

Sem-3: (Professional Diploma in Data Analytics 4 Months)
Python programming & Data Exploration in Python
Visualization using Power BI
Marketing and Operations Analytics
Professional Skills & Interview Preparation

Certificate Title:
Professional Diploma in Data Analytics

Job Opportunities:
Data Science and Analytics engineer

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